Motivational Monday Vol. 02

I had the pleasure of watching an Instagram LIVE interview with Ed Mylett and Patrick Schwartzenegger yesterday that really resonated with me.  They discussed how in moments of change some of the greatest innovation has been born and how we can all use these moments to our advantage.

Yes, we are in a time of serious change as an individual, society, country and world.  Some of us are really suffering right now and have urgent, basic needs like finding food and shelter.  Many of us need serious help, or know friends that do.  With this in mind, it's now more important than ever to remember that even in times of hardship, that we always have the power to control our dialogue and how we RE-ACT (see Vol. 1 note).  As Ed Mylett says, we must reframe our mindset/perspective to be "everything is happening for you, not to you". 

Moments of change = innovation + growth.  Did you know that some of the most successful entrepreneurs started or restarted their businesses during either personal or economic downturns? Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerburg to name a few.  There will be many millionaires whose business are born or restarted over the next few months. Moments of change shake up the deck, they deal each of us a new hand of cards, so how are you going to play this new hand? 

I challenge you this week to approach this time like an athlete in serious training for an upcoming season or a marathon.  Take this opportunity to be training, thinking, growing, EVOLVING.  Take control of this time and make it work for you, not the other way around.

You may want to start be envisioning your life over the next 3, 5, 10, 20 years.  Take the limits off here, if you could live your best life, from your most authentic self - what would that life look like? Who would that person be?  With that vision in mind, what are you going to do TODAY to get you there? How are you changing your character today? What are you doing today to evolve both personally and professionally to set you on the path you envision?  How are you using this moment of change to work for you? I challenge you to make a commitment to yourself to not be the same person at the end of this.  Use this time to become smarter, stronger, more qualified, more in touch with who you are, more compassionate towards others, etc.

I plead with you to not spend this precious moment on the couch, watching Netflix.  Get excited and fired up to envision a new path for your life and then work like your life depends on forging that new path - because it really does.  We are all born to do something great with our lives, something beautiful, big or small. Remember that as you're approaching your day.  What will your legacy be? How will you impact the world?  And how will you use this moment to catapult you there?

I'll leave you with a few reminders, tips, and thoughts on how to use this time to work for you, not against you. 

You got this.  I believe in you all 100%.  Now #LFG!

XX Taylor

  • If you're currently not working or your day job doesn't require much work then take this time to learn!  Sign up for an online course to hone a new skill, listen to podcasts on personal development and growth, READ more!  
  • Approach the day like you would if your business or office were open! This means getting dressed everyday like you would for work, get off the couch, brush your hair, etc.
  • When working from home you need to create more structure - not less.  If you aren't currently employed and your using this time to learn and plan for the future, you especially need to create structure! Plan out your day the night before, wake up 30 minutes earlier than you normally would, incorporate a new practice, create a routine.  
  • Start and end your day with a quick gratitude check, write down 3 things you are grateful for
  • Write your goals down on a post it and stick them on your bathroom mirror to remind you constantly what you're working towards! 
  • Think ahead.  Just because you may not be able to book appointments, new clients, or sell at the moment, you should still be communicating with your clients/customers/vendors.  Start thinking ahead and start booking appointments/opportunities for May or June. If you have to move them, cross that bridge then!
  • Move your body everyday! Even if it's just for 15 minutes - here are some of my favorite workouts right now all with video classes @powder_heart@theyogasocietypb@theworkschs and @hmfyoga
  • Understand what your priorities are (personally, professionally, romantically, etc).  Then build time into your life (preferably on your calendar - see calendar blocking below) to make those priorities happen and be 100% present with ONLY those priorities at that time. If you need to plan about how to execute these priorities, then build that time into your life. 
  • Nourish your body as best you can.  How can you expect your body to perform in a race when you're not filling it up with the right fuel?  You have one body, treat it like gold and feed it to the best of your ability right now.  Yes, that means point down the Doritos. 
  • Try to not look at your phone the last 2 hours before you go to bed.  Take that time to reflect, read, reset! 
  • Having trouble staying focused while working? Here are some links/ideas to help: 
    • Pomodoro Technique
    • Ed Mylett's Mini Day Concept - Look at time differently!
    • Calendar Blocking:  Look at your day and set aside time (physically block it off on your calendar) for certain projects so you can be more productive.  Here is a basic example: 
      • 8-10AM - Work on big picture projects
      • 10-12PM - Send emails, calls, etc to 15 new clients 
      • 12-1PM - Break for Lunch
      • 1-3PM - Prospect new clients
      • 3-5PM - Work Calls
    • Create a to-do list at the end of each day for the next day, think about how you're going to approach + best tackle the next day
    • Feeling overwhelmed?  Take a moment to reset, take some deep breaths. Take a walk outside if you can.  Do a quick mediation.  

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