Our Story

Ellsworth & Ivey is an American womenswear brand with a modern approach to a heritage style.  

The collection was inspired by the clean and classic style of brand founder, Taylor Ivey's grandmothers. "My grandmothers were very classic women with a strong sense of style - always poised and confident. They believed that less is more, quality over quantity," says Ivey, who is also the brand's designer. "In my designs, I wanted to create something reflecting those values in a more contemporary style. Something we could all appreciate, wear and would stand the test of time."

Ellsworth & Ivey founder/designer, Taylor Ivey, is also the owner of three collective style stores, The Skinny Dip: Palm Beach Edition, The Skinny Dip: Charleston Edition and The Skinny Dip: A Summer Collective, located on Nantucket, MA.

Photo taken by Brian Sager of designer, Taylor Ivey, on Nantucket, MA.